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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 16th February 2017

Latin stylings: a new vocal venture for Rhiannon Johnson. Pic – www.kenedgar.com

Rhiannon Johnson and Aymen Ghali will be debuting their new vocal-and-guitar duo this Friday at Farm to Table. Sparkling vocalist Rhiannon has been working on her Spanish language skills for the endeavour, studying a new repertoire comprising largely of Latin music standards. With Rhiannon’s sultry tones and Aymen’s dexterous fretboard fingerwork, this elegant pairing are bound to seduce the al-fresco listening audience.

Tucked away in the backstreets of Tonle Bassac, arts venue Cloud has continued to stage its monthly Block Party. Inspired by American hip-hop culture, the event comprises of live music, painting and dance. This month’s edition will feature special guests Ashéo – a French MC – and Em – a Cambodian DJ with a wide variety of musical styles at his fingertips. Check out the rapid vocal gymnastics of Ashéo in the video below.

Cambodian rap duo Koa Ponleur and Chea Socheat, better known as Khmeng Khmer, will be a major feature of the second annual Chub Met Music & Art Festival – which kicks off this week in Siem Reap. Khmeng Khmer will be performing their fresh and exuberant brand of hip-hop-dance-pop at the festival opening party tonight (Thursday) at Kandal Village Party. The young Cambodian pair will be in good company, with a host of strong artists on the bill, including Laura Mam and Channty Cha Cha. The festival continues at Raffles Garden on Friday, when Khmeng Khmer will perform alongside Nikki Nikki, Master Kong Nay, the Phare circus artists and… a parade of giant puppets!

Events take a competitive turn on Tuesday night, when five young, talented Cambodian rock bands will compete in the Battle of the Bands. The first prize is significant enough to ensure a heated and high-pressure competition – with $1,000 in cash, three days studio time at 60 Road, a music video and website AND styling all provided for the winning band. The X-Bar rooftop venue will host five competing bands, three of which will be travelling from Phnom Penh (Hardihood Band, Plugger Band and Vartey Ganiva), one from Battambang (Batbangers) with one local band from Siem Reap in attendance (Garuda Band). Judges Srey Channty (The Cambodian Space Project, Channty Cha Cha), P-Sand, Sabay Digital and your very own Leng Pleng correspondent will be making the tough decisions on the night. Let battle commence!

Back in Phnom Penh this Saturday, music maestro Anton Isselhardt will be staging another superb chamber recital, this time at Intercon. A three piece wind ensemble (Anton Isselhardt – flute, Daisy Kim- oboe, Michele Bowen- Bassoon) will perform works by Mozart, Beethoven and WFE Bach. The concert will be a great chance to hear some expertly executed, high quality classical music.

Sometime Phnom Penh expat Ziad Samman (Tango & Snatch, Two Shots & A Chaser) got in touch with Leng Pleng recently to let us hear some brand new tracks, recorded during a brief visit to Phnom Penh last December. Check out the Professor Kinksi-produced Captain Turpentine tracks via bandcamp link above – featuring the inspired lyrics and impassioned performances we have come to expect from Ziad and the wonderful fiddle work of Chris Davis.

Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!


Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday the 16th February 2017


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