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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday The 17th August 2017

Garage Bar is one of those low-key, low square-metre Phnom Penh institutions that seems, at first glance, to be just another riverside beer joint – complete with rattan furniture, grilled meats and a permanent residency by DJ YouTube. Look a little closer, however, and you will see that the Garage is actually a long-established meeting point for clued-in expat journalists, businessmen and all manner of professional Phnom Penh-ers who understand that some of the best contacts are made, and some of the best deals are done, over a few frothy glasses of domestic Cambodian brew, overlooking that juncture where the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers meet.

Clay George ponders a new move. Pic: Steve Porte.

It has been a good long while since any live music was heard to emanate from the cosy confines of Garage, but that is about to change. The bar has recently come under the stewardship of the Canadian Cowboy himself, Mr Clay George. At time of writing, Clay was reported to be getting busy with some Cambodian plywood and installing a small stage. We may still be waiting for the next ‘big’ live music venue to transpire but in the meantime, a small addition to the ‘boutique’ live music scene which currently dominates Phnom Penh is most welcome if it looks to feature performances from top-drawer musicians like Clay and his musical cohorts. This Friday night will feature a ‘soft re-launch’ party with performances from Miss Sarawan, Scott Bywater, Steve Sutcliffe and, of course, the man himself Mr George.

The number one party band of Phnom Penh, Hypnotic Fist Technique, may be temporarily out of action (unlike Leng Pleng stalwarts Ted, Timothy, and myself, not everyone wants to remain in Phnom Penh all year round!) but MC Mike Dynamo and guitarist/singer Saska Chewan have come up with a new HFT side project to tide us over the ‘low’ (it doesn’t seem so low to me!) season. The 99 Boys are an ingeniously conceived, part-Karaoke band, part rap fusion band – primarily performing chart hits from the 1990’s. The boys will be coming down with a case of the ‘Millennium Bug’ this Friday at Farm To Table. Think Smashmouth, Sugar Ray, and other names that will be nostalgia-inducingly familiar to those of us aged roughly between 30 and 45.

More dance-inducing fun will be had at various locations in the city this weekend when Cuban music performers Jo and Lily will team up with Maestro Phil Javelle and percussionist Jim Wilson for a series of ‘Son Caribe’ gigs. DJ tracks will combine with live keys, timbales, congas and vocals for a heady live musical mix at Hops tonight (Thursday), at Bassac Lane on Friday and Alchemy on Saturday.

Great music happening in Siem Reap this weekend. pic: Peter Phoeng Photography/Sokunthea
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Up in Siem Reap this Saturday, a quiet riverside guesthouse will be transformed into a snarling mid-afternoon mosh pit when a brand new band come together for the Siem Reap Bike Meet bash at Rosy’s. Reckless Soul is a tantalising new project comprising local Siem Reap-based musos Oli (Cambojam), Andrey (Clay George Band), Ray (self-confessed metalhead) and the newly-arrived singer Ritchie Newton. The band will be performing ‘pure rock’n’roll by the likes of Deep Purple, ZZ Top and ACDC. Let’s rock! For something completely different, check out New Leaf Cafe in Siem Reap on Sunday afternoon, when bassist extraordinaire Andrey will be performing an acoustic ‘Khmer Jazz’ session with the wonderful Sokunthea on vocals.

Phnom Penh-based musician Joshua Chiang has been very busy of late, putting together two new bands. Josh sent Leng Pleng a preview of his acoustic trio Boxchords (see video below), and also let us know that his dance-rock ensemble Parallel Impulse will be playing their first-ever live set at Oscar’s On The Corner this Friday night – where an impressive ‘slick, suit-and-shirt look’ presentation has been promised!

You Can Wear That Crown (Boxchords live)

We told you we do original songs too! (You Can Wear That Crown, music and lyrics by Joshua Chiang ©2017 Joshua Chiang)

Boxchords 发布于 2017年7月28日

Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!



Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday The 17th August 2017

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