Parallel Impulse's band practicing acoustic versions


Acoustic Excerpts 16th Aug 2017

This is a short video clip of us rehearsing the acoustic versions of three of our original songs. We will be playing the electric versions live on Friday 18th Aug at Oscars On the Corner at 930pm! See you there!

Parallel Impulse 发布于 2017年8月17日

Public by : Parallel Impulse

Date: 16th/August/2017

Veteran musicians in the Phnom Penh expat-music-scene Joshua Chiang and Tim Holland are back with a new lineup. “Parallel Impulse” includes Denver Dannag on lead guitar, and Kuzey Ekren, on drums. “Parallel Impulse” plays all original songs described as mostly rock; with eclectic influences from pop to funk, and motown to blues.

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