Frankie Teardrop Dead Q&A

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Teardrop Dead Facebook

Welcome to Cambodia! It’s great to see that you have managed to dive right into the music scene here, with several gigs planned in Phnom Penh, Kampot and on Koh Ta Kiev. What (and who) prompted this fine adventure?

Last year we all got sick of the London winter and got ourselves some cheap tickets to Vietnam, but karaoke isn’t really our scene so we headed straight for Cambodia. We’d already heard of the Cambodian Space Project But wanted to know more of them and their influences and that’s when we started digging and found a whole bag of 60s rock’n’roll tunes. That’s what got us.

It’s a small world, really. We noticed via Facebook that Danzo ‘Premium D’, of Phnom Penh-based band Hypnotic Fist Technique was a neighbour of yours in North London? …Trail of Dead frontman Conrad Keely was resident in Cambodia for a number of years and The See See bassist Kevin Peyok also lived here for a short time. Musicians seem to like living in Cambodia. Perhaps we can persuade you guys to stay for a little while?

We’ve been living in a warehouse neighbourhood with loads of artists and musicians, that’s where we met Danzo. We managed to get our own warehouse and converted it into our practice space/studio. That’s where the whole band lives with a bunch of mates. But when it all comes to an end we might just make the move over with the band.

(l-r) Ben, Carling, Luigi and ‘The Sloth’ are coming to Cambodia

There are a lot of great tracks on your Soundcloud marked as ‘demos’. They already sound great to us, a very classic Psychedelic/Garage feel with really rousing/anthemic choruses emerging in some songs. Is there a second album in the works, do you have plans to go into the studio again anytime soon?

Thanks, it’s always a work-in-progress. We just finished mixing our second album ‘All You Need is Love and Fucking Peace’ at our friend’s studio. Planning on releasing it this year. We’ve already been compiling new songs for the 3rd and 4th album. We are pretty much always in studios when we are not gigging.

The boss at Oscar’s – the venue FTD are booked to play this Friday night – is a big fan of Shocking Blue. He is always putting Shocking Blue playlists on Youtube in between band sets. Any chance of sneaking a Shocking Blue cover into your set, or is the band on more of an ‘Originals-only’ vibe?

We don’t generally do covers live but we’ve been asked a few times by a Brazilian blog called ‘the blog that celebrates itself’ to record a Suicide and a Velvets cover. We were thinking of working on a Cambodian rock’n’roll classic this year.

Cambodia is known for its cheap imported booze. As you guys spent last night in Bangkok, you may have already come a cropper with a ‘bucket’ or two on Khao San Road. If you could mix a special Frankie Teardrop Dead-themed cocktail for your Cambodian audiences, what would it be called and what would the ingredients be?

We’d call it the Happy bucket, as it would be full of weed.

Cheers, Frankie Teardrop Dead. We know that you’ll have a great time here in the ‘Kingdom of Wonder’ and looking forward immensely to your gigs.

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