Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 12th April 2018

Yes, it’s that time of year again – when unrestrained consumption of alcohol is combined with mass long distance travel, cheap and plentiful mangoes, and 30,000-watt sound-systems blaring out a remix of ‘the chicken song’, on repeat, for seventy-two hours.


The team have already begun to empty out from Leng Pleng Towers. Don’t worry, we’re leaving Lili in charge. Pic: https://captivatingcambodia.wordpress.com/


Most of us will be journeying to The Province to join with our respective families but if you plan to remain in Phnom Penh, don’t worry – there will be enough gigs going on to keep you rocking like a countryside chicken, all weekend long. Oscar’s On The Corner will be open as usual throughout the holiday, and Miss Sarawan Band will be entertaining the FCC with a concert on Friday night (although the concert has been moved from The Mansion to the upstairs bar, to avoid noise issues with the Palace).



While the big official celebrations and star-studded galas will be taking place in Siem Reap, Kampot provides a wealth of alternative live music and DJ party destinations – from The Kampot Playboys at Banyan Tree on Friday night to an all-day bash at Meraki on Saturday and many more smaller events at venues around the town.


If all this drinking and dancing during the hottest time of the year begins to leave you tired and dehydrated, don’t worry – there will be six more official holidays during the next month to allow you to recuperate!


We’ll leave you with our new friend Lili, who will be working through the New Year break in peace and solitude at Leng Pleng Towers – watch this space for news of the exciting projects Lili is working on.



At this time of year more than any other – stay safe out there and… we’ll see you around the traps!


Joe Wrigley

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