Joe King Carrasco Q&A

Hi Joe!

We heard that your trio touched down at Banyan Tree in Kampot last week. How did the gig go and what other Cambodian adventures have you guys been enjoying?

It always makes me happy to see people dancing.  The Banyan tree had some of the best dancers I’ve seen in a long time. The place was packed. We had a great time.

You’re travelling as a ‘power trio’ ? Guitar, bass and drums? Please tell us about the other guys in your band.

Vince Mejia, is my powerful drummer, always setting the beat.  He started drumming with me in 1996. He is playing on all my CDs for the last 20 years – We have done the world together – keeping people dancing!!

Chris Alcaraz is on bass.  He’s been playing on and off with me for six years now.  He plays every week with Ernie Durawa from the Texas Tornados and his cousin Bobby Balderrama was my guitar player in the 80’s.  He’s such a stellar player and a really cool dude and we always have a blast.

Joe, your background and musical CV is a star-studded journey through modern rock’n’roll history. You are obviously a man with a lot of energy and drive. Is every day a day of playing music?

Everyday is a new discovery – for song ideas and lyrics – I spent December in Cambodia –

I wrote a lot in Phnom Penh, Kampot and Siem Reap.

I find something special and spiritual about Cambodia and the south China seas.

Cambodia is known for its cheap imported booze. If you could mix a special Carrasco-themed cocktail for your Cambodian audiences, what would it be called and what would the ingredients be?

Tequila same same – Mekong a go go: A shot of 100% blue agave. Only that ingredient.

What’s next for Joe and the band on your South-East Asian tour itinerary ?

We played Kampot 4:20 Festival – It was a perfect show – Amazing energy:

Tex mex cha cha in Kampot !!

Si senor!!

I have to think there is nothing better – Everyone danced all night, the band really blasted –

Just us three. We were able to lift everyone up to Bokor and higher!

We played stray cats at Otres – Another incredible show with south China beach energy!

I think everyone should see Angkor wat – so that is our next stop. There is no other place in the universe as spiritual as this magic place!! I will always try to play Cambodia ‘till I drop!!

Finally, could you describe for us one of your all-time favourite experiences of playing live?

Same same but different – just playing in Cambodia is special – it doesn’t get any better !!

The people are always positive, and happy !

Keep it shaking!! I love it here, that is why I keep coming back!!

Que Viva Tex mex In Cambodia !!

Thanks very much for your time Joe!


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