Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 12th July 2018

The ever-evolving Complicated Business will rock Duplex in Phnom Penh on Friday night. As explained by the band during a recent Kampot Radio interview, what started as two guys with acoustic guitars playing Britney Spears songs has now become a five-piece band with keyboards, drums and electric guitars, playing almost solely original material. Singer Jack Dodd told Leng PlengWe are trying out a lot of the songs that will be on our upcoming recording. It’s also a special but sad gig as it is likely to be our last with our bass player Bradley before he leaves Cambodia to start a new adventure in Budapest. All [the songs are] originals apart from one which is our version of Dirty Old Town which we renamed Dirty Old Phnom Penh!”

       CB rocked the Diamond Moon festival last year. pic: Steve Porte.

French National Day falling on a Saturday this year provides an excellent opportunity for getting Gallic on the ‘Tuol Tumpung Lane– a hip Street 155 enclave of establishments catering to the resident Russian Market area boozers and cruisers. Only three years ago it was tough to find a decent watering hole south of Mao Tse Tung Boulevard… but since Alchemy and Long After Dark led the way, a very large number of bars, eateries, coffee shops and boutiques have opened up to cater to the expat and middle-class Cambodian markets. One of the more recent and more inspiring spaces is the TTP Lane, with Le Pétanque bar at its core. In addition to an actual dedicated Pétanque piste, the baguettes, ti’ punch and pastis on offer create a distinctly French atmosphere. This Saturday, DJs Taube, Premo and Sola will congregate at Pétanque to celebrate the lane’s first anniversary.

MyManMike and Doch Chkae will bolster the Phnom Penh metal/alternative scene with a gig at Showbox on Saturday. MyManMike are described as a ‘D.I.Y. Thrashcore/Powerviolence band’ from Seoul. While Leng Pleng had to refer to Wikipedia to find out what the ‘powerviolence’ sub-genre of music actually refers to, we can tell from the above live video clip that MyManMike and the reliably awesome Doch Chkae will provide a memorable night.

                    Still smiling: Roxane Dumont. Pic: supplied.

Swiss singer-guitarist Roxane Dumont has been playing up a storm in Phnom Penh venues over the past few weeks, energising audiences and galvanising band members with her extremely positive musical vibes. Roxane has just a handful of gigs left to play before she jets back to Europe at the end of the month, appearing at Rush Pub this Friday evening and at Bouchon next Wednesday. Wherever she plays, audiences find Roxane’s smiling stage presence and enthusiasm are irresistible.

Dumont’s eclectic mix of flamenco, gypsy, latin and reggae flavours are reminiscent of another fine acoustic act that visited Phnom Penh in recent months. Bamboo Tambourine – based in Pai, Thailand – this week released a music video for their track ‘I’m Your Grumpy Lover’. Cambodian gig-goers may fondly remember duo Alice and Osamu from their Cambodian travels last March. Here’s hoping that both Bamboo Tambourine and Roxane Dumont find a reason to visit The Kingdom of Wonder again sometime soon!

Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!


Joe Wrigley


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