Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 19th July 2018

As the staff at Leng Pleng Towers begin to stock up on sacks of rice and slabs of domestic beer this week, in preparation for a potentially quiet time on the bar and restaurant scene during the last weekend of the month, we popped our collective head out the window to find a number of cool musical recommendations for you.



Sincerely, Grizzly will be making a welcome return to Phnom Penh this Friday. Following their participation in the memorable Golden Street Festival 2017, the heavy-hitting Adelaide based post-rock/mathcore trio have found time for a trip to BKK3 to appear at Showbox. The gig is rendered truly unmissable by the addition of Bangkok-based rockers Sinners Turned Saints as support.


Sinners Turned Saints were on the roster of asian-based bands rocking the SoundSlam fest in Saigon last year. Pic: Sinners
Turned Saints Facebook


Ernie Buck has been a fixture on the Phnom Penh open mic scene for a short while, recently moving to the city from his countryside retreat in Takeo. Buck has a singular combination of talents, fusing soulful/R&B-infused vocal prowess with literary songwriting that references Lucilius and Plato! This post-modern troubadour also has a charmingly English discursive between-song patter to keep his audience entertained as he swaps between ukulele and guitar. Ernie Buck’s official Phnom Penh debut show will take place this Friday at Farm to Table.

Following a brief break, the South East Asian Soul Revue will resume their weekly residency at Oscar’s On The Corner this Tuesday. It is fascinating to watch this newly-founded band find their feet, led by Phnom Penh newcomer Greg Beshers. With singer Mirasol Aguila upfront, the band – playing both 60’s and 70’s Motown standards and more gritty ‘Southern Soul’ tunes by the likes of Ann Peebles – has huge potential. Phnom Penh gig-goers already familiar with Aguila’s superb performances may see a different side to her stage persona at Oscar’s as she boogies and twirls on the spot and rips into the repertoire with total gusto.


Get down: Tuesday night is soul night


SEA Soul Revue bandleader Greg this week sat down with Leng Pleng to give us a glimpse into his fascinating background in the music industry:

I grew up watching game shows. Being a latchkey kid [a child who is often left at home with little parental supervision] during elementary school and middle school, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I either played music or watched game shows. So I always wanted to be a game show host.”

He grew up mostly in Ohio – “an exciting place to be from”, he adds – generally in the vicinity of Columbus, and started playing underage in clubs while still at high school, with older musicians, originally as a bass player. After college, and years of acoustic music, he moved to New York City to seek fame and fortune, “the whole trying-to-have-a-band-in-New-York thing”.

“Eventually when I stopped making my own records I decided to play for other people, and that led me to a lot of work in New York, and based out of Austin as well.”


Click here to read Scott Bywater’s interview with Greg Beshers for Leng Pleng.


Carrie Herbert posted the below vid for her track ‘Let Love’ this week. The talented  Welsh-born singer-songwriter revisited her relationship with ace producer Euan Gray to record the song in the Songkites studio in Phnom Penh. ‘Let Love’ is one of several new songs Carrie has written this year. Check out her excellent full length album from 2017 entitled Under The Same Sun.



Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps! 🙂


Joe Wrigley

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