Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday the 2nd August 2018

Latest Gigs


Friday  3-Aug-2018
Saturday  4-Aug-2018
Sunday  5-Aug-2018
Tuesday  7-Aug-2018
Wednesday  8-Aug-2018
Coming Up
  • DJANE BANZAI-AYA at Meta House
  • DJ Achaya at Meta House
  • Ingolv Haaland and OUCH SAVY & FRIENDS at Meta House
  • DJane Sao Sopheak at Meta House
  • DJ NICK E. META and DJS TOMMY SCHULZ at Meta House
  • DJ Marcus iLL at Meta House
  • DJ Gang, Dj FunkII Pro and DJ B-KUT at Pontoon
  • DJ Illest and DILLYDADON at Pontoon
  • DJ Lyka at Sharky Bar
  • Graham Cain at Sharky Bar
  • The South East Asia Soul Revue at Sharky Bar, Oscar’s On The Corner
  • Dj Nora Haidee, Sao Sopheak and Jasmine Li at The Pontoon Pulse
  • The Box Office at The Box Office
  • Aymen Ghali, Metta Legita, Jedil Robelo and Kairon at Chinese House
  • Kenny Smith, Boom Baar, Chris Hilleary and Pavel Ramirez at FCC – Rooftop Bar
  • Oscar’s Band at Oscar’s On The Corner, Oscar’s On The Corner
  • Chi Town at Oscar’s On The Corner
  • Moi Tiet at Oscar’s On The Corner
  • Arone Silverman at Botanico Wine & Beer Garden
  • Lisa Concepcion at Botanico Wine & Beer Garden

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