Weekly Wrap – Commencing Thursday the 16th August 2018

Acoustic music lovers will have something of a choice to make this Friday in Phnom Penh, when a generous collection of talented players will be taking to the stage in different locations in the early evening hours.

Euan Gray is one of many great performers this Friday in Phnom Penh. Pic: supplied.

Euan Gray will present a soulful blend of originals and covers during an early solo show at Farm to Table, while musical chameleon Greg Beshers will be keeping things eclectic at Botanico with a varied collection of ‘Heartland’ USA singer-songwriter tunes, blues, rock’n’roll and alternative pop. ‘Scoddy’ Bywater will up the ante at former ‘Alleycat’ venue – Tacos Kokopelli – with two distinct acoustic duos : The Sock Essentials (featuring Scott and Ariane) and Hills and Bells (featuring Scott and Marianna Hensley). Later on Friday, the Boxchords will be showcasing their souped-up acoustic indie pop sound at Duplex while Gonzalo Rodino will be entertaining large numbers of Street 308 revellers at Red Bar.

Meta House will host a special concert on Saturday night when Ingolv Haaland returns to Phnom Penh for his first live collaboration with Ouch Savy in Cambodia for more than five years. Yesterday, we caught up with the super-talented Haaland to find out more about his music, what he thinks about the current Cambodian scene and his thoughts on working with Savy:

We haven’t done that in five years. I decided to do [the concert] upstairs [at Meta House], where we can get a slightly better sound. Probably inside – it depends on the weather. The instrumentation will be piano, bass, tro, with backing tracks – some tracks from the original album, recorded with a string orchestra in Bratislava. The backing tracks are a compromise – I want people to experience the full sound [of the orchestra].”

I think there is more and more happening [in Cambodia], I went to a metal concert some months ago… I’m really happy to see the diversity of different genres. I’m going to do a workshop with Tiny Toones on Friday, working with hip-hop breakbeats. Klap Ya Handz started something [a few years ago] and now there is a variety of people working… singers and rappers emerging. I’m actually very positive and I think I see good things happening in the future. Everything happens outside education systems, it’s a good thing… an on-the-ground feel.”

[Ouch Savy] has insane potential, there are so many venues she can do if she wants to. We are looking into the next step. She can collaborate with anybody, she is spontaneous, the way she works in the studio, she just gets up to the microphone and does it. Her flow of music, energy, with the most precise intonation.”

Ouch Savy performing with Ingolv Haaland and the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in 2015. Pic: Youtube

Click here to read the full Leng Pleng interview with Ingolv Haaland.

At Bona’s Pub in Phnom Penh, a new groove and blues-based outfit will make their debut this Saturday night. Bandleader James Minor, an enigmatic character who bears some resemblance to celebrated ‘Ukes of Hazard’ mainman James Speck, told Leng Pleng:

“The group “Major/Minor” kicks off their S.E. Asian Tour ‘Let’s Get SMOOVE’ this Saturday. The group consists of Simon Major, James Minor, Dr. Sharp and Fantastic Flat. These four lads met over a decade ago while serving time for Anarchy Charges at a Labor Camp in Uzbekistan. Unable to communicate in a common language they made crude musical instruments out of discarded kitchen utensils and formed a musical group and created their own unique style of Rhythm and Blues music. Upon completion of their sentence, and with not much other opportunities, they decided to go on tour.

Show your support this Saturday night by bringing your used kitchen supplies and banging them loudly at the end of each song!” – James Minor.

Thanks James, sounds interesting and it may be worth hopping along to Street 130 just to find out what the heck will be going on!

Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!
Joe Wrigley

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