Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday the 08th Nov 2018

Latest Gigs


Thursday  8-Nov-2018
Friday  9-Nov-2018
Saturday  10-Nov-2018
Sunday  11-Nov-2018
Wednesday  14-Nov-2018
Coming Up
  • DJ Gang and Dj FunkII Pro at Pontoon
  • DJ Illest and DILLYDADON at Pontoon
  • Aram Khmer at Sharky Bar
  • Euphoria at Sharky Bar
  • Pavel Ramirez at Coin Cafe & Bar
  • Kristen Rasmussen and Pavel Ramirez at FCC – Rooftop Bar
  • The Jam and Scott Bywater at Bona ‘s Pub, Bona ‘s Pub
  • RJ Marshall at Bona ‘s Pub
  • Sokunthea Duk at Bona ‘s Pub
  • Scott Bywater at Bona ‘s Pub
  • Oscar’s Band at Oscar’s On The Corner
  • Stiff Little Punks and Ian Anderson at Oscar’s On The Corner
  • The Two at The Rush Pub
  • The Uncomfortably White Brothers at Botanico Wine & Beer Garden
  • Lisa Concepcion at Botanico Wine & Beer Garden
  • Ernie Buck at Good Times Bar

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