Weekly Wrap – Commencing Thursday the 9th of May 2019

And we’re back!

Following in the footsteps of Television Ted and Jack Diamond, Leng Pleng is back on track under the writership of your humble correspondent Guillermo Wheremount. We look forward to providing you with an accurate, timely and informative coverage of the Phnom Penh and wider Cambodian music scene – and if we’re missing things out, please let us know.

And if you’re just looking for gig listings, skip to the bottom.

Weekly wrap

We seem to be past touring season now, but to make up for it there are some new variations of old faces appearing on Friday night.  The Metta Legita Project sees the bewitching pianist composer Metta teaming up with bass player Andrey Meshcheryakov at Farm to Table, in a piano duo format, Head to Head.  Below is a taste of Metta’s work from her January Original Sessions concert.

Meanwhile, a new 80s soul act, Antonio and The Experiment, are launching at LF Social Club, promising tunes from the likes of El Debarge, Al Jarreau and Christopher Cross along with original songs, and  at Alchemy we note the debut of Fawlty Powers, in which, in the spirit of The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix becoming friends on Facebook, Arone, James and Damani team up as harmonious heroes.  Quieter Friday options include Hills&Bells at Botanico, and Jared Bibler at LF Garden.

On Saturday night, the Havana Kings groove out at Alchemy with a special guest from Chile, Josefina FuentasBrin Wood is at the LF Garden, while Jazz Johnston’s Jazure comes to The Vine.

The Leng Pleng Weekly Feature

Our special feature this week is on Kampot Radio’s second birthday.

“Last year founder Darryl Carter wrote some words for Leng Pleng; this year we gathered comments from a handful of the staff and supporters to explain what you are missing out on if you’re not tuning in to Kampot Radio.”

“It’s run on a very punk, do it yourself ethic. Running on fumes and bravado, but it’s kept going and is a pleasure to tune in to, as a listener and an artist they support.”

Click here for the full story. 

Clay George
, Hills&BellsJustin Frew and others will play at The Magic Sponge in Kampot on Sunday from 4 pm, and the concert will of course be broadcast live on Kampot Radio.

Passing chords: a few things you might not know about…

Mealea Lay, singer and songwriter with the Miss Sarawan Band, who in the coming week are off to record their debut album at 60 Road Studios in Siem Reap. You can assist them with their crowdfunding campaign by visiting here.  Note that arrangements can be made for those without online money – contact the band or Leng Pleng.

Your music pet hate:

In Cambodia, all the music styles I like. But for western I’m not really listening. Some songs with not really polite words, not clean words, bad words. I think music comes out from your heart, cannot say bad.

Your favourite food:

For Khmer food, vegetable soup, spicy a little bit. For western food, I can eat any kind of food, I can be flexible – burger, hot dog, sandwich. Before I did not really like that stuff, it look strange for me, but I say I need to be flexible because I have foreigner husband.

The first music that you remember:

When I was young I remember the song, a rom vong [a Cambodian dance style], she sings that she don’t like the guy being shy and hiding his face, not be strong to come and ask the lady please come to dance. When I was young I always sang this song. Or Chnam Oun Dop Pram Moi [I’m 16 years old], kind of dancing song.

The country you want to visit:

New Zealand, my favourite country that I really want to see, from the movie, very famous, Lord of the Rings. Oh my God! I really like the small guy and I really like their house, next to the mountain, I want to go there so much. I wish one day the music can bring me.

Something that people might be surprised to know about you:

I studied finance and banking, but I could not find a job, and I worked in a shoe shop.   Some friends on Facebook, they saw my video singing, and my teacher, he call me to say what happened to you? After you finish university what kind of job you work? Singing! What you talking about? I teach you many years and then you finish your university and then you become singer? I say, teacher, after I finish study I try to find job very hard, but I don’t have any time, and when I have husband, husband singer, and I like singing also, so I become the singer now.

Steve Porte photo of the week              


Steve’s comment: Jedil Robello. Quiet, humble, and unassuming. Don’t let her petite size fool you. One of the most powerful, sensitive, and funky drummers I’ve seen.

Stay safe out there, and see you around the traps.

your correspondent,

Guillermo Wheremount



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