Weekly Gig Guide – Commencing Thursday the 20th of June 2019

Latest Gigs


Thursday  20-Jun-2019
Friday  21-Jun-2019
Saturday  22-Jun-2019
Sunday  23-Jun-2019
Wednesday  26-Jun-2019
Coming Up
  • Boxchords at The Bodleian
  • Lisa Concepcion at LF Garden Restaurant and Bar
  • The Goldilocks Zone at LF Social Club
  • Antti Siitonen, Philippe Javelle and Intan Andriana at Hops Brewery and Craft Beer Garden
  • Ernie Buck and the Cham Ticks at Oscar’s on the Corner at Oscar’s On The Corner
  • Jägermeister, Phnom Penh Underground & Code Red Agency present:: JägerMusic x CUBIK▸▸ Jasper James at Heart of Darkness
  • Aok Sokunkanha at Secrets Cambodia
  • Song Explorers Night on the theme: Canada at Good Times Bar

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