Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday 18th of July 2019

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Thursday  18-Jul-2019
Friday  19-Jul-2019
Saturday  20-Jul-2019
Sunday  21-Jul-2019
Monday  22-Jul-2019
Wednesday  24-Jul-2019
Coming Up
  • Garden Happy Hour with Lisa Concepcion at LF Garden Restaurant and Bar
  • Scott Bywater at LF Garden Restaurant and Bar
  • Open mic and brunch at KBach Gallery
  • The Kampot Playboys at LF Social Club, Banyan Tree in Kampot
  • Cafe Concert with Sreng Oneill and Chorn Ratanak at Java Creative Café
  • Reign in Slumber, Tiderays * and AK47 * at Oscar’s On The Corner
  • K’n’E – Oscar Bar house band at Oscar’s On The Corner, Oscar’s On The Corner
  • Sebastien Adnot, Metta Legita and Intan Andriana at Farm to Table
  • Samsara plus Vince & the Bassman at Cloud
  • Alisa Afuda and Phil Javelle at Hops Brewery and Craft Beer Garden
  • Nicholas Ho at Himawari Hotel
  • Scott Bywater and Dane at Le Boutier
  • Lisa Concepcion at Mikawa
  • Vantinn Hoeurn and SmallWorld SmalBandក្រុមតូច at Factory Phnom Penh

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