Weekly wrap – Commencing Thursday 8 August, 2019


For the early weekenders, there’s a special music event tonight at Chinese House by French clarinetists Marina Moth and Florent Charpentier, playing Mozart, Rossini, Bach, Bartok, jazz, traditional and world music.  Alternatively, the Arome Khmer have started a Wednesday – Friday residency at Hard Rock Café Phnom Penh on the Terrace, nearby the Havana Kings continue their regular Thursdays at Sora Sky Bar, Vattanac Tower, and then there’s Mathias Aspelin’s afterwork sessions at Kwest Restaurant. Later and louder, one can further round out Thursday night frolics with Cat City at Sharky Bar, the Far East Society at The Bodleian and The Extraordinary Chambers at Oscar’s on the Corner.

On Friday night look out for Antonio Elchico and Gerard Evans as the Sax’n’Soul duo at Farm to Table, Pavel Ramirez at Red Bar, and Peter Doyle at Botanico. Into the Gold are at The Bodleian, experience the country folk sounds of the Simple Tones at Alchemy, and later K’n’E are on at Oscar’s on the Corner.   Also Cloud hosts the opening of No Need To Be Coy, an exhibition of work by drummer and painter Troy Campbell, featured below.

And it’s a busy Saturday, kicking off with a metal afternoon at Cloud, a chance to hang out with Doch Chkae and Reign in Slumber after their successful tours to Germany and Malaysia respectively. Elsewhere, Miss Sarawan Duo play for the Java Concert Series at Java Tuol Kork, Hills&Bells return to Botanico, Pablo de Feo is at LF Garden, the Hot Club de Phnom Penh bring their jazz manouche to Cloud, the Metta Legita Project play Alchemy, Samsara and zargz are on at Sharky Bar, and new act Indica Indie are at Good Times Bar.

Coming up look out for the LF Social Club’s first birthday show with the Havana Kings, Sharky Bar presenting the Boxchords and the new Blue Sea Band, and the Uncomfortably White Brothers at Oscar’s on the Corner.

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The Leng Pleng Weekly Feature

Open (mic) for business

“While it carries its share of risks, the open mic format has an important role, particularly in transitory expat communities, in bringing musicians, songwriters, and even comedians together. We may be deep in low season, but as it’s also a time when there is a surge of new people arriving in town, it seems worthwhile to take a quick run around the scene.”

Read the whole feature here.

Passing chords: a few things you might not know about…


Troy Campbell. Frequent visitor to Phnom Penh (although not as often as he would like), drummer and painter. He’s here for a couple of weeks to haunt open mics and open his first exhibition in the city, No Need To Be Coy, at Cloud on Friday, 7.30 pm.

Your pet musical hate:
I want to think that I’m open-minded musically, but reggaeton is a genre that I can’t quite embrace. No offence to those that love reggaeton.

A private musical indulgence:
I’d say that Hall and Oates are a guilty pleasure, but honestly, there is no guilt. I also have a soft spot for musical theatre.

The year you came to Cambodia:
2012.  I came here as a volunteer English teacher. It was hearing a Professor Kinsky remix of The Cambodian Space Project that made me want to come here. Siren song, to say the least.

An early music memory:
The great drum battle between Buddy Rich and Animal on The Muppet Show.

Your favourite food:
After living in non-vegetarian friendly South Korea, I’m thrilled to be back in Cambodia and actually having veggie options. Currently the Seitan Burger and Burger Shack is my favourite thing since Hall and Oates.

What you do on a night off:
I think feel lazy if I am not painting, but if I am not painting, hopefully there is red wine within reach (hopefully there is wine if I am painting as well).

The country you want to visit:
Pick a European country. Inexplicably, I have never been toe Europe. Lots of art that I want to see. Lots of music to hear.

A stage superstition you have:
Hmmm… nothing like how we say “break a leg” instead of “good luck” come to mind, but I do have some pre-show rituals like warming up with drum corporates exercises, washing my hands, making sure that my bladder has been emptied (Willie Nelson’s drummers have great stories along that line).

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
My father was an amateur clown. He taught me how to make balloon animals, which I can still do.

Steve Porte photo of the week      

Garna Raditya, vocalist and guitarist of AK//47, Indonesian grindcore band, playing at Oscar’s on the Corner last month.


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