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This busy Friday Reign in Slumber founder Vanntin Hoeurn returns to Tacos Kokopelli for a solo performance, Phil O’Flaherty is at Good Times Bar, Scott Bywater is at LF Garden, Jeffro Starks plays Botanico, and Joshua Chiang will be performing at Cloud as part of the launch of his comic book mini-series, Ronin Rat and Ninja CatInto the Gold do their hippie chic thang at The Bodleian, Antonio and the Experiment are at Alchemy, The Riel Capital bring their Irishness to Farm to Table, and K’n’E are on late at Oscar’s on the Corner.

On Saturday the Boxchords are at Sharky Bar, Phil O’Flaherty is at Botanico, The Uncomfortably White Brothers are at Sundance and Samsara and zargz are at Oscar’s on the Corner.  There’s a pub sing at Good Times Bar led by Antonio and Justin, and the triumphant return of the all-original reggae of Vibratone at Alchemy.

Multi-instrumentalist and New Orleans native Davis Zunk, a one time resident of Phnom Penh now based in Ho Chi Minh City, contacted Leng Pleng this week to call our attention to the release of Boomerang, a new album by his band Zunkbomb.  Some tasty funk at work here – check it out at CDBaby.

Big news for local blackened crust band Reign in Slumber this week, only just back from their first tour to Malaysia, with the announcement that they’ll be playing at The Overstay in Bangkok in the middle of next month.

Also noteworthy is the return from holidays of country folk singer-songwriter Jared Bibler, who plays tonight (Thursday 22) at Sundance and will resume his Monday night residency opening for the Cambodia Country Band at Oscar’s on the Corner.

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The Leng Pleng Weekly Feature

New Irish and Returning Reggae

Something older and something newer in Phnom Penh this weekend – Leng Pleng takes a quick look at Irish band The Riel Capital and the return of much-loved reggae outfit Vibratone.

Read the whole feature here.

Passing Chords:  a few things you might not know about…

Greg Beshers.  A career musician who walked away from the industry a few years ago only to wind up in Cambodia and get involved all over again, but this time on a more enjoyable level.  You’ll find him on guitar, bass, vocals – he’s also a fine songwriter – where he brings his best to whatever style is on the slate.  Currently a member of The Uncomfortably White Brothers, Cambodia Country Band, the Cham Ticks, Mimi and the Merrymakers and The Extraordinary Chambers.

Your pet musical hate:
I don’t like to hate anything.   A pet peeve that I have is, as a venue manager, when musicians turn up for a gig unprepared, needing to borrow equipment that they really should have.

A private musical indulgence:
Breakfast in America, by Supertramp.  It reminds me of moving – after college, every time I moved I found the cassette tape again and I would pop it on to listen to as I packed.  I’m not really a fan of Supertramp so much, but that album kind of gets it right.

The year you came to Cambodia:
To visit, 2017.  To live, April 1, 2018.

An early music memory:
Driving around with my father listening to what was then called an oldies radio station – old rock’n’roll and stuff.  Like The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens.

Your favourite food:
Mexican and Japanese – they both cover so much ground.  Mexican is not just tacos and burritos.  Japanese is not just sushi.  If anyone knows a good ramen joint…

What you do on a night off:
I don’t really have a night off, but I do have some mornings off, and I lie around in bed, read the news, maybe watch a movie.

The country you want to visit:
I’ve already visited maybe 35, 40 countries.  It would have to be some place in the Pacific like Vanuatu or Fiji, or a place I don’t know about yet – beach, a hut, an umbrella, some cold beers and no one around for miles.

A stage superstition you have:
It’s not really a superstition, but if you have a bad rehearsal beforehand it’ll be a great gig.  It doesn’t happen the other way around though.

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
I’m half Peruvian.  My mother is from Peru, my father from America.  They met in Los Angeles at the telephone company Pacific Bell, in the waiting room.

A question for next week’s Passing Chords participant:
Who are you?

Steve Porte Photo of the Week


Tiffany of Sinville Roadshow.

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