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It’s another big weekend in Cambodian metal, in a year that has already seen an unprecedented level of travel and exchange within the loud community.  On Friday 13, Reign in Slumber and Doch Chkae will play in Ho Chi Minh City with bands from Slovakia, Taiwan and Vietnam.  The next day five bands will pile into a bus and back come up the highway to play Oscar’s on the Corner on Saturday night.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, Rado Uhlik from Sedem Minut Strachu (Noisecore from Slovakia) took some time out from packing his suitcase to answer some questions for  Leng Pleng.

What is the essence of your particular subgenre, noisecore, and what sets it apart?
Three out of four of us can’t play any instrument, we can’t tune the guitar, and except for our drummer we are total musical analphabets, so we just want to make as much noise and chaos as possible, and we want to present it as a cabaret, a show, not music.  That’s what noisecore means to us – f**k music, f**k riffs, f**k composition, make it a real noise!!

Can you explain the significance of your band name?
Sedem Minut Strachu
in English means Seven Minutes Of Fear, and that is a combination of our most favourite extreme music bands names: Seven Minutes Of Nausea and Fear Of God. We want people to know exactly what to expect from us right after they see our logo.

How is the general metal scene in your part of the world?
I personally do not follow it that much, but we have several good bands like Systemic Damage or Demolizer.

How are you feeling about the coming tour?
It’s pretty exotic for a band from Slovakia to play in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, so we are very, very thankful for the opportunity to play in your country and your part of the world.  As I am writing this now we haven’t started the tour yet, but expectations are pretty high, we are looking forward to play and see your country very much.

Where do you travel to after Phnom Penh?
We go to Thailand, we have two gigs in Bangkok and one in Chiang Mai.

What inspires you to make music?
To have fun, to travel, to be able to record some noise without any musical skills, to meet local punks and metalheads, to drink beer for free at the gigs. 

Apart from the Slovakian noisecore, Saturday’s bill includes the two Taiwanese bands, Myxoma (goregrind) and Wuchenshihbian (brutal death metal).  For those with an open ear it should be an interesting night.  For those with a metal ear, where else would you be?

Doch Chkae, January, Oscar’s on the Corner

Reign in Slumber, January, Oscar’s on the Corner

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