Weekly wrap – Commencing Thursday 26 September 2019


As Pchum Ben slowly empties Phnom Penh, here’s a round up of what’s musically available for those of us staying behind.

Tonight, Thursday, a soft reopening of Good Times Bar with a musicians’ night.  The new owner, Chloe, is keen to nurture our community of musicians, and welcomes all to drop in this evening.  Elsewhere Ernie Buck is playing at Orphic, Peter Doyle is at Botanico, and The Extraordinary Chambers are at Oscar’s on the Corner as usual.

Friday night the pickings are slimmer, with The Uncomfortably White Brothers at Duplex, and the classic rock of Vinnie Vidi Vici at Oscar’s on the Corner.   On Saturday afternoon The Uncomfortably White Brothers are supplying entertainment after the Australian football Grand Final viewing at The Vine, and later Ernie Buck and the Cham Ticks make a special weekend appearance at Oscar’s on the Corner.

Saturday night also sees a metal show at Cloud featuring locals Doch Chkae and Reign in Slumber, and a visiting band from Australia.  I’ll let them explain themselves.

“Australian extreme post-op power grinders SCROTAL VICE are no strangers to disgracing Asia with their stench. Having already toured extensively across China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, they celebrated their fifth anniversary with a South East Asia tour in 2018 before hitting their native Australia once more this February. With all this under their belt they have just announced another South East Asian tour.  The Mouth
Yeast Rager Tour 2019
will see SCROTAL VICE visiting parts of South East Asia they did not make it to last year, with four intimate and sweaty shows across Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar from late September.  Prepare your body, mind, soul and genitals for the onslaught that SCROTAL VICE bring to the stage with their live performance – see you at CLOUD this Saturday!!!”

Come Sunday, the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride afterparty in the afternoon at Farm to Table will feature One Girl Six Strings and Joe & the Jumping Jacks, while Major/Minor are at The Exchange, and the Sunday Sundowner Sessions at Tacos Kokopelli continue as usual.    Later on the Sharky Bar open mic is still on, and Chi-Town take it to Oscar’s on the Corner.

And one special Pchum Ben treat is Joe & the Jumping Jacks on Monday night at Oscar’s on the Corner.

For advertising opportunity inquiries contact gigs@lengpleng.com

Passing Chords:  a few things you might not know about…

Ernie Buck.  Songwriter, singer, drummer – Ernie Buck has had a long career in music and for the last year or so has been contributing to our local scene, performing solo and with The Uncomfortably White Brothers and The Cham Ticks, writing and releasing songs.  He’s busy this weekend with all of the above. 

Your pet musical hate:
Garth Brooks.  Absolutely hate the guy, he sucks.  My first job was washing dishes in a greasy spoon in south London, and the radio was so encrusted with grease that the dial couldn’t be turned off Country AM, and it was like my own personal hell for about three years.  Every weekend, for £3 an hour.

A private musical indulgence:
I’m a really big fan of Status Quo.  Two of Francis Rossi’s kids went to my primary school.  I had a band when I was nine, The Dark Angels, and Rossi said, “You boys have got something, you can come and record in my studio if you want.”  And we were, like, he’s an old man, why do we want to hang out with him?  We turned it down.

The year you came to Cambodia:
March 13, 2017.

An early music memory:
Diana Ross, Chain Reaction, the video.  Apparently I said to my mum, “She’s whu-woo.”  Because I couldn’t wolf whistle.

Your favourite food:
There’s a restaurant in Chinatown in London called Hing Loon, and it does the best crispy pork belly, fried, on boiled rice, splash of soy sauce.  £2.75.  Can’t recommend it highly enough.

The country you want to visit:

A stage superstition you have:
I always have to wear the best pair of socks I have available for the gig.  A grumpy Greek man once told me: dress as if you’re going to die tomorrow, so when you’re on stage wear the best possible socks you have available and clean.

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
I once invaded the pitch at Selhurst Park to get an autograph from my childhood hero Paul Gascoigne – in front of 30,000 people.  As I was running off he did the old tap tackle, clipped my heels, and I didn’t fall over.  I stumbled, and the crowd went, “Ooh… Yay!”.

A question from last week’s participant:
Is acting an important part of your on-stage performance?
I’d say over 90%.  I’m a natural introvert who has learned to pretend to be an extrovert on stage.  It’s almost all an act.

A question for next week’s participant:
If you removed all of the empty space in every atom in every human body in the world right now, would the entire mass of the human population fit into (a) the size of an apple, (b), the size of a watermelon, or (c), the size of a cricket ball?

Steve Porte Photo of the Week

The audience loves the Kampot Playboys. Merk’s son seems less impressed.

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Stay safe out there, and see you around the traps.

your correspondent,

Guillermo Wheremount




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