Behold: Ballychunder

Ballychunder are a high-energy folk punk band from Hong Kong who play songs about beer, whisky and rebellion, influenced by hardcore punk, traditional Celtic folk, Scandinavian folk metal and peg legs.  They’re in Phnom Penh this weekend for shows as part of Garage Fest Cambodia and at Oscar’s on the CornerLeng Pleng attempted to ask them some impertinent questions.

Q. Tell us about the founding fathers of folk pirate punk – where did the blueprint come from?  The Pogues spring to mind…
A. Sure, The Pogues were a big one. Some other well-known bands along these lines might be Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly and The Dreadnoughts.

Q. Do you think this could happen anywhere, or is the Hong Kong location significant?
A. It kind of happened despite being in Hong Kong. The underground music scene is pretty small – especially for punk music. We all played in various bands before this: Defiant Scum, DP, Over The Border, The Midlife Crisis Cowboys and more!

Q. Favourite fuel?
A. Beer, whisky, rum, wine… we drink it all!

Q. Favourite holiday spot to plunder?
A. Phnom Penh!

Q. Favourite touring myth?
A. Jenny reckons she’s terrible to tour with… we’ll see!

Q. Stupidest question ever asked?
A. Ummmm…maybe this one?

Q. Have any of the band been to South East Asia or Cambodia before?
A. Yes! Quite a few of us, a few times.

Q. What should Phnom Penh expect from Ballychunder shows?
A. Drinking, dancing, sing-a-longs and lots of energy!

Ballychunder play Oscar’s on the Corner on Friday, then at Garage Fest Cambodia events at The Hangout on Saturday.  You have been warned.

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