Weekly wrap – Commencing Thursday 16 January 2020


There’s something of a French feel in the air this weekend.  After shows in Siem Reap and Battambang, visiting Breton singer-songwriter Dom Duff will play his power folk tonight at The Hangout and at the Magic Sponge in Kampot on Saturday.  Meanwhile on Friday at Farm to Table Christian Herve (accordionist, singer, author, and songwriter for the famous 1990’s band Les Clams) will be bringing his red accordion along.  Saturday night at Oscar’s on the Corner the last-one-for-a-while from Bob Passion and The Schkoots.

Also on tonight, Thursday, an abundance of duos:  shows for Geography of the Moon at Sundance, Arone & Intan at Alchemy, and His & Hers (Joshua and Lisa) at L.A.B.

On Friday a solo Graham Cain at The Outpost on 13, Geography of the Moon at Botanico, The Sock Essentials at Cloud, the Boxchords at Alchemy.  Getting louder, the Hard Rock Café tribute is heavy metal and classic rock, Pocket Change are at Bassac Lane, and Oscar’s on the Corner host the newly returned Sinville Roadshow.

Saturday night sees Phil O’Flaherty at Botanico, Sinville Roadshow at Sundance, and the Havana Kings at Alchemy.

Sunday afternoon, the latest of the Original Sessions series features popular indie rockers The Goldilocks Zone reverting to their roots for an acoustic show at Meta House.  Tickets $4 in advance/$7 at the door.

For yet another different angle on the Geography of the Moon approach to the Earth, on Wednesday night Meta House plays host to Reverend Raven, a musical art performance “inspired by new wave, trip hop, spoken word and house music.”

Hard Rock Cafe Calendar

Passing Chords:  a few things you might not know about…

Ronan Sheehan.  On guitar, vocals and cajon, Ronan contributes to Phnom Penh bands The Goldilocks Zone (formerly Complicated Business) and The Riel Capital; The Goldilocks Zone will perform unplugged at the Original Sessions at Meta House on Sunday afternoon.

Your pet musical hate:
80s hair metal.  When you spend more time trying to look like all the girls you sing about then something is amiss.

A private musical indulgence:
Loud and proud of it all.

The year you first came to Cambodia:

An early music memory:
Being scared to go into the bedroom with my brother being in there blasting The Doors song Strange Days. Wasn’t ready for that organ riff!

Your favourite food:
If it’s on my plate in front of me then it’s my favourite.  If it’s on someone else’s plate and they aren’t looking…

What you do on a night off:
Usually something that makes me feel unwell enough to have a whole day off.

The country you want to visit:

A stage habit or superstition you have:
Strange habit, but as a guitar player I like to bring my guitar whenever I have a show, just to keep on top of things.

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
I smell everything, if I get a chance≤ before I buy it: shoes, strings, you name it…

A question from last week’s participant, Jan Mueller: On which Star Wars planet would you like to settle down for good and why?

With an avid dislike of Star Wars I’d like to live on the planet not inhabited by any of those intergalactical f***bags.

A question for next week’s participant:
In no less than 200 words, what would life be like inside a golf ball?

Steve Porte Photo of the Week


Vincent Biputra, bass for hire: seen here with The Electric Socks at Oscar’s on the Corner.

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