Weekly wrap – Commencing Thursday 26 March 2020


Yes, we have no bananas.  If by bananas you mean gigs.  But there’s still other things going on.

New album releases:  yes, we have one of those.  A live album capturing the Channthy Cha Cha band in full flight, One Night in Phnom Penh  back in May 2017 has been released on the newly and quietly launched Kampot Radio Records, and is available for download on Bandcamp.  CDs and t-shirts will be available soon.

Videos and other web stuff:  Phnom Penh’s musicians have not been lying idle this week.

  • Farm to Table is of course closed, but they are holding a virtual Acoustic Friday with a Facebook Live performance by the Miss Sarawan Duo: Mealea and Joe from the regular time of 6.30 pm. Tune in from your living room.
  • Wood House is a concept designed to get the musicians out of their apartments and in front of cameras jamming, often with not much on. Well, so far it’s jamming.  “There will be songs, I swear,” says the description.  Check out the sounds and the familiar faces.
  • Clay George has been digging up unreleased treasures from his archives, and two of them can be found on Bandcamp: Light and just this week, The Musician. It’s Clay like you’ve never heard him before.
  • Ex(?) Sangvar Day front Robin Narciso has pulled out an original, a tasty acoustic number called Berlin, written last October.
  • The Boxchords are up and active over in Instagram
  • Our Distance was written this week by Scott Bywater, a song for the times.  “In my circles there are a lot of people conflicted about where they are, where they could be, and having too much time to think about it.”
  • Brin Wood has been narrowcasting (i.e. via Facebook) sending videos from his balcony.
  • Look out for a possible exciting new LengPleng-connected development in the coming days.

And there’s always Kampot Radio.

Steve Porte Photo of the Week

Steve has been getting about town documenting Phnom Penh in the time of covid-19.  He’s also currently seeking out musicians in the day time to photograph them in masks.  Keiko and Colin went the extra mile.

Let us know about and interesting activities:  gigs@lengpleng.com.

Stay safe out there, and see you not so much around the traps.

your correspondent,

Guillermo Wheremount

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