Tip of the iceberg: selections from Passing Chords Vols 1 & 2

Passing Chords (a few things you might not know about…) has been a feature of Leng Pleng since May 2019, and while full length articles are well collated, these mini-profiles are more ephemeral.  Until now!  Compiled in one book as Vol 1 (2019) and Vol 2 (2020), all 70 of them are now available as an ebook (for the far-flung) as well as hard copy (for those in Cambodia).  Note: if you purchase the ebook you get a free hard copy once they can be hand-delivered.

As a taste, here’s some memorable answers to some of the varying questions.

  • Jedil Robelo

An early music memory:
I set up a band with my grade five classmates.  We called it the Genesis Five, because we were five people and it was the start of our music career.  And we played Ronan Keating songs.  I was on guitar.

  • Adrien Gayraud

A private musical indulgence:
Marching bands.

  • Geography of the Moon

What you do on a night off:
Vi & A:  We watch cartoons.

  • Ariane Parkes

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
I was a skinhead girl hanging around with evil looking skinhead friends. I loved my steel toed Doc Martens, checkered shirts (all that ironing!), sometimes suit and tie, and I shaved my head. But I wouldn’t sing in a ska band until I was 30. My first band, when I was 15 and for many years, was an Irish folk band.

  • Vanntin Hoeurn

A private musical indulgence:
Bands like My Chemical Romance, I still love them.  Some early 2000s R’n’B, some pop music – particularly an Adele song written by Bruno Mars: All I Ask.

  • Keiko Kitamura

An early music memory:
In Japan we all take a music (Western music) class at least one or two hours a week from the first grade of elementary school (six years old), so most of us have a basic knowledge. I remember playing recorders, harmonica, pianica, accordion. I played vibraphone as well.  My parents are tailors and they listen to the radio all day, NHK radio, the equivalent to the British BBC.  I listened to classical music, jazz, Japanese pops, Western pops, Enka (a kind of Japanese blues?), Minyo (Japanese folk songs).  The first Western pop music that attracted me was by Michael Jackson!

  • Vincent Noble Biputra

An early music memory:
My mother and her brothers, they loved music.  My grandmother had a record player, and ordered rock music records from Paris that couldn’t be found in Indonesia – Michael Jackson, Queen, Deep Purple, Metallica, Guns’n’Roses.  One of my uncles really loved Guns’n’Roses.

  • Mark Chattaway

A pet musical hate:
My dog really hates Nu-Metal.

  • Gerard Evans

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
I’m not a dancer, but I owned a dance studio in Boston.  My ex-wife was a dancer and a piano player who accompanied me; I got behind her as a dancer and we opened a studio and ran it for 15 years.  We had aerobics, jazz dance, modern dance, hip hop.

  • Justin Frew

The country you want to visit:
America sometime in the late 40s, early 50s. Just to see Hank Williams.

  • Intan Andriana

You have a time machine and a magic ticket to one gig or festival in the past.  What do you choose?
Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday at Newport Jazz Festival, July 1957.

  • Veronika Janouchova

A private musical indulgence:
I really enjoy a good bass line.  But I don’t even play the bass.  I love to listen to Marcus Miller live concerts.  Quite surprising for a sax player I guess.

  • Stan Paleco

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
I don’t listen to lyrics.  I’ve always related more to music.  My first band was instrumental, all the music I’ve written is instrumental.  Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, it’s too boring for me, I cannot find anything.

  • Greg Beshers

The country you want to visit:
I’ve already visited maybe 35, 40 countries.  It would have to be some place in the Pacific like Vanuatu or Fiji, or a place I don’t know about yet – beach, a hut, an umbrella, some cold beers and no one around for miles.

  • Lisa Concepcion

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
Maybe that I can fold my tongue, literally and keep it that way for as long as I want it too. I’ll gladly show you if you ask nicely.

  • Chris Hilleary

A private musical indulgence:
If I want to relax, I’ll sometimes pull up a Gregorian chant on YouTube. It takes me back to my childhood when my father used to play Gregorian chant albums on the family turntable.

  • Marianna Hensley

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
If this were anything other than Leng Pleng, I would say that it’s my leading a band that performs for children (Mimi and the Merrymakers). Since this is Leng Pleng, I’ll go with rock (or tree!) climbing. I’m an avid – albeit very inconsistent – climber. It’s such a beautiful fusion of mind and body. I love it.

  • Initial G

An early music memory:
The family putting on Don’t stop till you get enough by Michael Jackson to which I would happily wiggle around as a baby.

  • David Zdriluk

Did you ever meet one of your musical heroes?
A few, actually. I met John Prine, that was very good. Bluegrass people – Dr Ralph Stanley, Bill Munroe, Jimmy Martin, Lester Flatt. And Levon Helm – and also Muddy Waters.

Now available as ebook (for the far-flung) as well as hard copy (for those in Cambodia).   Note: if you purchase the ebook you get a free hard copy once they can be hand-delivered.

Prices the same for both formats:  $7.50 (or $5 if you’re in the book).   If unsure, check here:  Am I in Passing Chords Vol 1 & 2?

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