Weekly wrap – Thursday 10 June 2021



With the idea of nightlife still tantilisingly distant, we trudge on somehow.

However, we are pleased to be able to announce the return of a regular gig, Intan & Friends at The Attic at the Hyatt Regency on St 178, on Thursday nights, a evening of jazz.

This weekend Joe Wrigley takes the stage at Botanico on Saturday, with Kiss Bang Bong as usual on the Sunday afternoon.

Bouchon Wednesdays continue, last night it was Blue Wave, and we await news of next week.

Throughout June Lantern Rooftop Bar is promising Kiss Bang Bong, Ace and Gerard Evans on their respective nights.

New releases

Khmer metal remains in good shape: Alain Ou (drummer for Sliten6ix, Reign in Slumber) has released a new single on video, Pull me from Hell, featuring Theara Ouch (Doch Chkae) on vocals.    Check
it out here

What We’re Making a Fuss About This Week

Tip of the iceberg: selections from Passing Chords Vols 1 & 2

Passing Chords (a few things you might not know about…) has been a feature of Leng Pleng since May 2019, and while full length articles are well collated, these mini-profiles are more ephemeral.  Until now!

Compiled in one book as Vol 1 (2019) and Vol 2 (2020), all 70 Passing Chords…. are now available as an ebook (for the far-flung) as well as hard copy (for those in Cambodia).   Note: if you purchase the ebook you get a free hard copy once they can be hand-delivered.

As a taste, here’s some of the memorable answers over the two years.

Prices the same for both formats:  $7.50 (or $5 if you’re in the book).   If you’re unsure if you’re in the book, check here:  Am I in Passing Chords Vol 1 & 2?

Simply email lengplenggigs@gmail.com to secure your copy.

Read the whole article here.

Steve Porte Photo of the Week

Peter, Paul and Mary make a guest appearance at Greg Besher’s gig at Botanico, 5 June 2021

If there’s things LengPleng should know about, please let us know.

See you (eventually) around the traps.

your correspondent,

Guillermo Wheremount








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