Weekly wrap – Thursday 24 June 2021



Returning to the live music fold this Saturday is Cloud, with a Tiny Desk Acoustic performance by Khmer-Filipina singer Alisha and friends.  And Joe Wrigley is sneaking in a gig at The Cove, St 308, on Sunday afternoon.

Too late for this week of course, but Wednesdays are currently one of the busier nights, with Bouchon’s regular mid-week performances of revolving acts now joined by PREI Cocktail and Bistro presenting Intan & Friends.  Get your booking in early though, as for the time being COVID restrictions mean a maximum of 15 patrons at a time.

Tonight, Thursday, there’s Intan & Friends at The Attic, and Kiss Bang Bong at Lantern.  Alli G is at Botanico on Saturday and Kiss Bang Bong as usual on the Sunday afternoon.  Throughout June Lantern Rooftop Bar is promising Kiss Bang Bong, Ace and Gerard Evans on their respective nights.

For something different, this Friday night Phnom Penh Ukulele Circle take a step into performance with an evening sharing songs along the theme of occupations at Bong Bonlai restaurant, YK Art House.

What We’re Making a Fuss About This Week

It’s The Schkoots, Jim, but not as we know them.

Bob Passion & The Schkoots vs Prof. Kinski –  a 30 minute EP of remixes is now available on Bandcamp.  The drummer has taken a seat behind the mixing desk and transformed the familiar and unfamiliar alike into a whole new Schkoot sound.  Here’s the link, name your price!


In other news…

Cambodia Country Band have shared with the world a nostalgic
video from last year
Joe Wrigley taking a lead vocal while Clay George takes a leak at Oscar’s on the Corner.  “Lou, Roz and Bee would come to Oscar’s nearly every Monday and dance up a damn storm! We never forget and we are forever grateful – for the band’s best friend is the first dancer. We will return… soon. Special citation must be awarded to the ‘Louise Grimmer two-step’ which can be observed in this candid cameraphone footage circa Autumn 2020 CCB@Oscars.”

Boxchords have an idea brewing called Cramped Room Sessions.  Keep an eye out at their Facebook page.

A reminder:  hard copies of the latest Leng Pleng publication are now available!  Passing Chords (a few things you might not know about…) has been a feature of Leng Pleng since May 2019.   All 70 Passing Chords…. have been compiled in one book as Vol 1 (2019) and Vol 2 (2020).  Prices the same for both ebook and hard copy:  $7.50 (or $5 if you’re in the book).   If you’re not sure if you’re in there, check here:  Am I in Passing Chords Vol 1 & 2?     Email lengplenggigs@gmail.com; also available at Garage Bar and directly from roving reporter Guillermo Wheremount.

Steve Porte Photo of the Week

A representative sample of the Table Six Miniature Harmonica Orchestra (David and Hayley Flack) on the mic at Botanico, Saturday 19 June 2021.

If there’s things LengPleng should know about, please let us know.

See you (soon, fingers crossed) around the traps.

your correspondent,

Guillermo Wheremount





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