Weekly wrap – Thursday 1 July 2021



Perhaps we’re looking over our (freshly vaccinated) shoulders half anticipating another shutdown, but each week it seems there’s a little more musical activity.

As has become usual on a Thursday, tonight you can see Intan & Friends at The Attic, and Kiss Bang Bong at Lantern.  On Friday Miss Sarawan bring the Golden Era to PREI Cocktail and Bistro, and on Saturday Poca de Feo returns to BotanicoKiss Bang Bong continue their Thursday – Saturday residency at Lantern Rooftop Bar and Sunday afternoon at Botanico, while Gerard Evans and Ace Zapa fill in Lantern’s weeknights.  The Cove continue their Lazy Sunday series with The Two Jacks.

Into next week, the Phnom Penh Ukulele Circle is continuing to meet at Bong Bonlai restaurant on Tuesday nights, and the Khmer pop night continues on Wednesdays at Bouchon.

Good Habits Lead to Good Health: a LengPleng guest article

Clara Shandler, the Sidewalk Cellist, shares her thoughts about the work of Music Arts School (founded in 2011) and the importance of everyone keeping active and lively during the pandemic.  

Read the whole article here

What We’re Making a Fuss About This Week

One of the busiest places in music these days is Bandcamp, and released there this week is the EP Hurtin’ Country by The Side Burns, a Hong Kong based band led by former Phnom Penh resident and music scene mover and shaker Ziad SammanThe Side Burns have tended to follow in the rockabilly footsteps of Ziad’s Phnom Penh band Two Shots and a Chaser, but this collection of songs takes a country turn, with the addition of pedal steel and fiddle.  While it’s cry in your beer music for sure – Your Cheating Heart, You Win Again – this  tastefully produced and beautifully arranged handful of tunes will give you 15 minutes of delightful fatalistic gloom that begs for repeat listens.

In other news…

Once – and hopefully again – frequent visitor to Cambodia, the tiger-suit wearing Japanese apostle of ska who lives in New Zealand Atsushi Moisty has a new blog post telling of the writing of his first ska song, Sound of the Ska, and the story of his band, Atsushi & the Moisties.

The international language of ska illustrated by Moisty Atsushi and Ariane Parkes at Tacos Kokopelli, 1 September 2019.   Photo credit: David Flack

Steve Porte Photo of the Week

Irina Chakraborty and Reni Agustin of the Phnom Penh Ukulele Circle take the stage at the PPUC’s occupations theme night, Bong Bonlai restaurant, Friday 26 June 2021.

If there are things LengPleng should know about, please let us know.

See you (eventually) around the traps.

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