Weekly wrap – Thursday 22 July 2021



Thursday night regular gigs continue with Intan & Friends at The Attic.  On Friday Miss Sarawan continue their July Friday residency at PREI Cocktail and Bistro, and on Saturday busy fellow Joe Wrigley is at BotanicoKiss Bang Bong continue their Thursday – Saturday residency at Lantern Rooftop Bar, while Gerard Evans and Ace Zapa fill in Lantern’s weeknights.

On Sunday afternoon you can find Greg Beshers at The Cove and Kiss Bang Bong at Botanico.

For the ukulele curious, the Phnom Penh Ukulele Circle meets at Bong Bonlai restaurant on Tuesday nights, and will present an informal night of songs about birds on Friday 30th.  And out in Tuol Tompong, Bosporus continues with Anthony & Gerard on Wednesdays.

This week is poetry week for the Cloud open mic (with Kosal Khiev);  the music night (hosted by Initial G) will be back next week.  The Box Office’s Wednesday open mic continues with guests hosts for the brief absence of Hugo.

What we’re getting excited about this week

Another month, another Professor Kinski remix EP!  Six tracks, 31 minutes, and on Bandcamp, name your price.

Born-A-Rebel versus Professor Kinski

Born-A-Rebel is a Nu Metal band from Berlin led by one Tim Oliver LindbergThe Prof has given the tracks his characteristic twists: Big Beats, Drum ‘n’ Bass & Breakbeat spiced with heavy guitar riffs and sharp cutting political rap.

And don’t forget Hey Miss Clementine, a new song by singer-songwriter Gone Marshall now available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all other platforms is.  Check out his previous releases on his website.

Passing Chords:  a few things you might not know about…

ZyctDan, guitarist with Boxchords and Psykic Elektric, has previously  appeared with Antonio and the Experiment and Baffled Shores.  Keep an eye out for the Yellow Wall Sessions by Boxchords – multi-camera videos of live versions of songs – last weekend they blessed us with ZyctDan’s song I’m not fragile, from Lazy Monday, a six track album of his original compositions, which was released on Bandcamp in May.

Do you have a pet musical hate?
No, I don’t have a pet musical hate.

A private musical indulgence:
Watching documentaries about bands and musicians. Also music themed anime, hahaha. I love watching anime, especially Beck.

The year you first came to Cambodia:
I moved here in 2016 to teach music.

An early music memory:
When I was a kid, I would sit and watch my dad sing songs from the 60s and 70s, like Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary, Don McLean and also John Denver. Some country tunes too like Don Williams and Merle Haggard.

The last thing you had to eat:
My wife had a strong and sudden craving for Korean food so we ordered samgyupsal for dinner.

A country you want to visit:
Italy and check out Lake Como. My wife had always been dreaming to go there, she want  to do some painting of the place.

A book or movie you keep going back to:
When it comes to books and movies I have a habit of re-watching and re-reading the ones I love just for the comfort and nostalgia that it provides. Forrest Gump never fails me, I also read the book both 1 and 2.

What languages can you speak?
English and Tagalog.

Your primary instrument, and when you started playing it:
Guitar – I started playing guitar in grade 5.

Something people might be surprised to know about you:
I became a grandpa at 40, this year!

You have a time machine and a magic ticket to one gig or festival in the past.  What do you choose?
I want to go back on the 4th July 1966, when The Beatles played in the Philippines .

A question from the last participant:  Which four people, past or present, would be on your personal Mount Rushmore as the greatest musicians of all time, and why?
I would choose John Mayer, to me his songwriting is one of the best simple yet meaningful. Mateus Asato, his guitar playing is superb, his fingerstyle and fast runs combined together on the fretboard is flawless. Mark Lettieri, his funk style riffs are just amazing.  And Ira Cruz, a Filipino guitar player, I like him because of his “serve the song” approach in songwriting.

Passing Chords Vols I and II
(compiled mini-profiles from 2019 and 2020)
is available now
in hard copy and ebook format
and is already being enjoyed by many

30,000 riel (or 20,000 if you are in it: Am I in Passing Chords?).

Secure your copy by email to lengplenggigs@gmail.com

It can also be found at Garage Bar & Cloud

Steve Porte Photo of the Week

Mol Vibol almost cracking a smile, on keyboards with the Cambodia Country Band at Oscar’s on the Corner, one year ago this weekend, Saturday 25 July, 2020.  Just to remind us of how it used to be.

If there are things LengPleng should know about, please let us know.

See you (eventually) around the traps.

your correspondent,

Guillermo Wheremount





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