Sleeves Q&A

Self-styled ‘Arcade Rockers’ The Sleeves are hitting the Kingdom of Wonder this week with a mini-tour. Mainman Keith Goodman chatted to Leng Pleng:
This will be the band’s first visit to Cambodia? What’s on your to-do list?
rock and roll and midgets. We’re gonna be playing 4 shows in 5 nights
in 3 different cities/towns, so we won’t have time for much else !
lead guitarist Pete is the only one who hasn’t been to Cambodia before,
so we’re sending him across a few days early to do the usual tourist
Rock’ is the name of the Sleeves’ debut album and also
the genre used to describe the band. Are we talking about
English seaside-town arcades here? 
that. On Arcade Rock, we tried to recreate the musical equivalent
of wasting a teenage afternoon in a amusement arcade on a pier in an
English seaside town – in my case Brighton – and the (mostly) innocent
pleasure that comes with it. 
arts and music scene is developing now but has a long way
to go to match the scene in Hong Kong. Whats the appetite
like for live music over there? Which bands do you go and see
when you’re not gigging yourself?
the past ten years, the independent music scene in Hong Kong has grown a
lot in terms of the number of bands, but despite this there are less
than 10 live houses, which is depressingly low for a city of more than 7
million. High rents are mainly to blame but there is also –
sadly – limited interest in local artists other than manufactured pop
acts with big marketing budgets behind them.
Our pick of the Hong Kong bands would be Bank Job, The Sinister Left, 9th State and The (Not So) Great Rock’n’Roll Swindlers.
your sets comprise only of your own original songs? Does a
working band in Asia need to play covers to survive? 
Yes and yes (financially in Hong Kong anyway). Being
an originals only band requires a different mindset and a deeper level
of commitment but it also brings greater rewards irrespective of
commercial success. 
If the band were to mix a special ‘The Sleeves’ cocktail for your gigs in Cambodia, what would it be?
the benefit of our bassist Stu, it will have to be marketed as an
alco-poptail … let’s go with a B52 boosted with Cinzano, Creme de
Menthe and Sodium Pentathol … and we’ll call it ‘The Sordid Truth’.

The Sleeves ‘Never Get Out of The Boat’ Tour touches down in Cambodia on the following dates:

Tues 3 Mar – Oscar’s – St 104 (Phnom Penh) 
Thur 5 Mar – Led Zephyr (Sihanoukville) 
Fri 6 Mar – Bodhi Villa (Kampot) 
Sat 7 Mar – Sharky Bar (Phnom Penh)

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