Weekly Wrap – Commencing Thursday the 28th 2016

Thebeautiful and elegant setting of Governor’sHousecontinues to host great live sessions on Thursday nights.Theweekly concerts, organised by master drummer/percussionist LewisPragasam,have so far centered aroundjazz,soul and pop. Tonight’s ensembleof musicianswill head inamore experimental directionwith Indonesian Fusion.Lewiswill be joined bykeyboardistMettaLegita,electricviolinist SteveSutcliffe andIndonesian instrumentalist Saridin.The audience at Governor’sHousewill hear ‘theessential melody and colour of Indonesian folk songs, updated withmodern arrangements‘–asthe traditional sounds of the suling(Indonesianbamboo flute)and hasapi(like asmallharp withonly twostrings) combine with modern instrumentation.
Metta Legita: bringing traditional sounds up-to-date with newarrangements this Thursday
LengPleng isalways excited when the talented musicians of Cambodia come togetherto cook up something new and different. The IndonesianFusionensemble move to ChineseHouseon Friday night to join PhilJavelle(keys,clarinet) and Suresh(tabla)and mix things up even further withthe addition of traditional Indian music rhythms and melodies.Awesome!If any readers are keen to get involved directlyin the magical world of percussion and rhythm, we would highlyrecommend attending LewisPragasam‘sdrumming circle this Sunday afternoon.The informal session, taking place at Farmto Table,will be great wayto have funand unlock some of the secrets of making music!


Howmany bottles of Pastis should we lay in? – The owners of the new JazzClub Phnom Penhprepare for the gala opening this Friday.
NormanKing,Larry Martinez,Sebastien Adnot andToma Willencomprise a quartet of heavyweight jazz players. Thisformidable band of Phnom Penh expatswill be helping to launch the brand new JazzClub Phnom Penhat an opening party this Friday night. LengPleng readerswill remember classy venue TheGroove– situated above Terrazza restaurant on Street 282. New ownersSebastien Adnot andNono McKayare bringing the club back – with a brand new style and décor andlivejazz music most nights of the week. ThisSaturdayat the Jazz Clubwill see British player NormanKing(who plays tenor sax, flute and clarinet) join jazzmanouche experts HotClub de Phnom Penh foranup-temposession. While plans are afoot for a weeklyKhmermusic night and a jazz-only open mic session, thehouse band – comprising of Norman, Larry, Seb and Toma – will bebringing lusciouslate-nightvibesto the Jazz Clubon a regular basis.
Rememberthe KampotWriters and Readers Festival2015? Time to mark your calendars and make your preparations forthe second edition of this literary and music festival. Betweenthe 3rdand 7thof November 2016, the enchanting riverside city of Kampot will onceagain be transformed into the centre of the arts universe inSouth-East Asia. Last year, internationalmusicians (Paul Kelly, The Shabbab) and authors mingledwith their Cambodian-based contemporaries in a busy program ofpanels, readings, presentations and concerts. KWRF2016 is set to be evenbigger and better – check out the inspiring video below… andmaybe consider booking your hotel room pretty soon!


Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!

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