Interview with Joul Jacquin from Dr. Eggs

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From what I read, the band originated in
France but now emanates from Hong Kong. Can you confirm this and
also tell me what is the short summary of the band’s history.
Yes, we originated 8 years ago at the time of our first album. We have been touring like hell since then with all the original
members. We
started pretty young, at high school. Last year we probably
played about 180 shows. The rest of the band wanted to stop playing at that point 
– except for me of course. As I am writing most of the music, I thought it
was OK to continue in my side. I went to Hong Kong for a vacation and I
never came back. Now I play Dr. Eggs with some good friends. Most
of the time it is the same group of people.

The bio says that the current tour will cover
Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Singapore, and the USA. Can you tell us
where the tour has taken you so far and how has it been going?
Cambodia is the first
“outside” gig of the year for DR.EGGS. Last year we toured Japan, Taiwan, the USA and France (with the original line up
actually – a one time reunion after 8 years!). We are talking now
about Singapore, Nepal, China (of course), hopefully Russia and then
back to France.
There’s always a certain amount of humour in
everything you do and you cover a lot of the musical landscape from
electronic to punk to rock to rap to reggae and more I expect. The
band also seems to have a relatively fluid line-up. What can the
Cambodian audience expect for the forthcoming gigs?
We are putting up a
show with different artists on DR.EGGS. For this line up we have Simon from Sushi Robot. He is usually an Electro-DJ and plays
bass for different hardcore bands in Hong Kong . He will spline some of his tunes in
the DR.EGGS sets that we arrange for the occasion. Then we got Yanyan Pang on
guitar. She is a Hong Kong-Chinese girl  and a songwriter. Finally we have Lego
on drums who has been a part of DR.EGGS since I started in Hong Kong. They
all have their own project that we will incorporate in the set list.

DR.EGGS is all about,
and always has been about, a mix of different genders. I do like many kinds of music and I can’t stand watching a punk band who’s doing
12 punk songs or a rap band with a full rap set. When DR.EGGS
started it was critical to do this because people needed to put you
on a “box” but now it’s a lot better
Cambodia has a relatively new, young,
emerging but happening live and electronic music scene. Have you
been here before and have you heard much about what is happening
here? If so what have you heard and if not then what are you
I’ve been around the
globe with my parents when I was kid and then with DR.EGGS but I
have never been to Cambodia. I did grow up in Bangkok and somehow I think
there is maybe some similitude. So no, I don’t know anything about
Cambodia. And its probably the best. I m expecting a lot of fun, but
I am kind of more interested to play for a local audience. I was trying
to looking for a venue or venue manager without an English name –
but I couldn’t find anything.
How long will you be staying in Cambodia and
will you get a chance to mix with the local musicians and take-in
some of the local fare?
We will stay in Phnom
Penh for 3 days then, Siem Reap and then Thailand. Local fare for
sure, and hopefully meeting and jamming with the locals. If anybody who
is  reading this article wants to make us discover the local scene,
tradition, and fare, please let get in touch. Be our tour guy. We
will pay the drinks. It
will be just a shame to traveling in an another country and play only
in front of your white brothers.

It is not common for international artists to
include Cambodia in the touring schedule. Can you tell us a little
about what you hoping for the tour to achieve in general?
Culture exchange. Being
able to watch this later on and say: “We  have been playing in
Cambodia when the music was emerging”. All backpackers know that,
even though they are being a bit selfish, they learn a lot more in the year or two that
they travel compared to what they learn in rest rest of their life. So is it with this tour. You know it’s also
my problem. Ever since I was young I have always tried to do my music in a
different city/country other than my own. Instead of focusing on trying to make it
famous in my own town, I always preferred to spend/loose money in a tour at  a different place – whatever it will bring me. When I was 18 we
did a tour in England with DR.EGGS. We are now planning a gig at a
top of a mountain in Russia. Music is the excuse. 
The bands seems to be a collection of people
with full-on energy and a great time is never too far away. Can you
tell us something about some of the band’s better gigs in terms of
performance and / or outrageously cool times.
It would include some festivals in
Taiwan and touring in Japan because the audience is really passionate. More recently it would include playing at the legendary Whisky a gogo and thinking “Well these guys seem to be a bunch of ass-holes but at least Jim Morrisson
and Coe have played here
Our gigs always have to be, and
will always be, energetic. That is the mission. Your are not expecting
a football player to stay stable during the match. We are playing a
match when we perform. People have to feel it. People will, and have to,
But then there is
always after party. The best after party is always the one you don’t
expect. When you say: “One more drink and then I go to bed.
I remember last time we
say this was in Long Beach California, on July 3rd. A friend
reminded me the last Saturday. We woke up on July 4th, in a house
that we don’t even know. He saw me in the morning with some
glasses / t shirt and no pants, just dick out on the floor. My
iphone was swimming in the swimming pool. 
The new album sounds great and the videos are
totally cool. What is the future of the band for this year and next.
A new music video is
coming. Totally different that the other one. An another style. And
then I hope we can go into a studio after Cambodia to record 2 songs
that I made just for this tour. Those shows will judge the songs. If
they worth it or not….if we need to make changes…..

Thanks for the time in doing the interview and we
all await with great anticipation for the coming gigs.Cheers

Thank you very much