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Weekly Wrap – Commencing Thursday the 18th Oct 2018

Phew! Now that the long Pchum Ben holiday is finally out of the way – and that cheeky single
Commemoration Day holiday immediately following it – we Cambodia dwellers can pick ourselves up and knuckle down to almost one full clear week of work before the next holiday arrives. There are plenty of excellent gigs around Phnom Penh this weekend, for those seeking a respite from this gruelling schedule.

In a slightly weird calendar quirk, an inordinate amount of awesome happenings have been arranged for this coming Friday night.

They are as strange as they look – The Uncomfortably White Brothers, at Bassac this Friday.


Boasting a bizarre backstory of possession and large mammals, The Uncomfortably White Brothers have begun to pick up steam on the city live circuit. Soul crooner Ernie Buck has really found his feet with this band, letting loose on a repertoire of 1970’s-inspired classics. Accompanied by the chunky acoustic guitar stylings of Mr ‘Half-Dozen’ Greg Beshers, Ernie’s vocals will be further augmented by a special guest at the Bassac Lane gig. Party on!

An extremely rare sighting of HFT drummer Todd Bazley with all his clothes on. See more – much more – this Friday at LF Social Club. Pic: Steve Porte.


No fewer than two blasting hip-hop gigs will be taking place on Friday, both in the proximity of the hip-and-happening Street 308 expat nightlife hub. Hypnotic Fist Technique will return to LF Social Club to demonstrate once again why they are the most exciting band on the scene right now – improvising ‘live action hip-hop’ as only they can. MC Initial Gexplained:  It’s the five fingers of the fist full lineup… We are doing the first album, new songs from the second album, a new medley as our ode to the greats of hip hop… and our signature freestyle jams”. Meanwhile, a stone’s throw away at Cloud, the estimable 12ME will be hosting his latest iteration of Hip Hop Takeover, where local beat makers, singers and visual artists will combine to improvise brand new works – right there in the moment.

Shuhei rocking for ‘Mikestock’ at Sharky Bar. Pic: Steve Porte.

Shuhei Murakami has been a part of the fabric of the Phnom Penh music scene for more than four years, both as a performing musician and as the former owner of Street 19 venue Good Times Bar. ‘Shu’ also worked closely with the late Big Mike’ Hsu at Sharky Bar. This weekend, singer/guitarist/bassist Shuhei will be making a final appearance at Oscar’s before jumping on a jet plane to Japan. Shu is careful not to say ‘never’, as we all know this town has a unique pull for musicians. Leng Pleng of course wishes him all the best and wonders what Shu’s take on the scene has been?

[The Phnom Penh music scene] has been more diversified. Four years ago, there were a few venues which were doing creative things, like Sharky’s or Equinox etc… but now there are places with live music everywhere. More opportunities for musicians and people to enjoy music in their own style. That’s why it’s getting “a bit” harder for bar/ venue owners and managers, though”. – Shuhei Murakami.

All the best, Shu, thanks for the Good Times and we’ll see you at Oscar’s on Saturday!

Appropriate timing for another Phnom Penh musical legend to re-enter… stage left. Professor Kinksi is back in town this weekend, getting right back into the swing of things with a DJ set at his favourite stomping ground, Meta House. If you’ve missed the innovative Dub Addiction MC and producer as much as we have, no doubt you will attend on Saturday to check out some previews of his very latest tracks. Rock on Professor!

Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!

Joe Wrigley


Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday the 18th Oct 2018

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