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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 16th November 2017

Boutique buskers – Boxchords

Joshua Chiang will be honing his singing and playing chops this week, with a series of jumping acoustic gigs across Phnom Penh. Check out his show at Farm to Table on Friday for a 90’s Britpop-era excursion – when ‘Cool Britannia’ bands such as Oasis, Verve and Pulp ruled the airwaves. Joshua’s trio Boxchords will be breaking in the freshly re-bricked Bassac Lane space on Saturday night – kicking off a new ‘high season’ of gigs to be held in the hip enclave off Street 308. Boxchords have developed a reputation for catchy, upbeat indie that sparks a strong reaction in their audiences, with their last gig at Bassac Lane ending in an impromptu sing-along which continued long after the microphones were unplugged and the lights turned out. Boxchords will also be playing their first ever session at Bouchon this coming Wednesday.

Gone Marshall is a U.S. singer-songwriter with a distinctly literary leaning. Marshall has been honing his solo show over the past few months in the open mics of Phnom Penh and recently gave a poetry reading at the Kampot Readers and Writers Festival. The sonorously voiced singer will add some spiky acoustic guitar to accompany his wordplay for a show at DJ Guesthouse in Phnom Penh this Friday night. Check out the Gone Marshall Facebook page for a truly intriguing multimedia arts trip, which includes footage from the recording studio, music videos and… a mini-documentary about boxing frogs.

The evocatively-named Willy Wang and Dick Johnson (sometimes shortened to WW and DJ) will be performing something of a Diamond Moon Festival preview this Saturday night at Tusk in Phnom Penh. The lively UK pairing will be getting their first taste of Cambodian-ness following a long haul flight from Heathrow, warming up for the full festival experience on Saturday the 25th. Expect some very energetic, and perhaps some slightly ironic, covers of classic 70’s rock tunes at the Tusk show (you’ll know the party has really started when they close the main doors).

Long term Cambo expat music lovers and hardcore Kampotters will recall (albeit hazily) some magic musical nights at Huge Monroe’s Bodhi Villa, which closed in 2015 after nine years of weekly live music nights. Huge is now busy running the Fishmarket restaurant in Kampot and the Bodhi Villa exists in a different format as Banyan Tree run by Sok Chiet of Kampot Playboys fame. What all those Friday night revellers at Bodhi may not have known is that during the daytime, many of the bands playing at Bodhi made recordings in Huge Monroe’s home studio –  named New Leaf – within a small building on site. Huge has posted a number of these recordings, along with some live tracks from the Bodhi gigs, on the New Leaf soundcloud
page. Halcyon days.

Where the magic happened – Huge Monroe’s home recording studio at Bodhi Villa

Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!


Joe Wrigley

Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday The 16th November 2017

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