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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 19th April 2018

Has a combination of alcohol abuse and too much time to think left you feeling a little blue? Join the club! Getting back to work after the New Year holidays is hard for anyone, but expats in Cambodia have it particularly tough… we have to go through this three times a year! Don’t worry, there are some great musical happenings just around the corner.

Joe King Carrasco has slipped into Cambodia for a brace of shows over the coming days. Stiff Records, MCA Records and Anaconda Records recording artist Joe burst on to the post-punk, early-MTV music landscape like a Technicolor cartoon character with his hit single ‘Party Weekend’ and has been rocking hard ever since. Amongst other exploits, the self-styled ‘King of Tex-Mex Rock n Roll’ has recorded
with Michael Jackson
, appeared on Saturday Night Live and had songs placed in Hollywood movie soundtracks. Given the towering nature of this bona fide music legend’s curriculum vitae, Carrasco’s Cambodian visit is a little more low-key and last-minute than it might have been – with, at time of writing, just one show on the books in Kampot (Banyan Tree on Friday night) and details of a second show in Phnom Penh to be announced. Grab any chance you can to check out the larger-than-life King Joe and his band.

The Carrasco show at Banyan headlines the Kampot edition of the ‘four-twenty’ festival – 20th April being the day of the year where pot-smokers the world over gather to celebrate cannabis-culture. While tickets for the ‘Rhymes On The River’ afternoon boat trip have already sold out, Kampot revellers can join the party at High Tide – where Woody Dares will be playing a set – or later at Banyan Tree for the main event.

Back in Phnom Penh, the artist who Leng Pleng called ‘the most individual and groundbreaking ‘Barang’ musical creative currently residing in The Kingdom of Wonder’ will be entertaining the FCC with a show on Friday night. His latest album ‘Oh Kampuchea’ is available for download online and his latest music video for the track ‘Ti Krong Phnom Penh’ is already amassing large amounts of views on Youtube. Mehdi ‘12ME’ Benabdessadok is the dynamic French-born producer and rapper who has made Cambodia his adopted home and Khmer his adopted language. 12ME will be reunited with Sang Sok Serey and Morno, – who both contributed to ‘Oh Kampuchea – together with DJ Niko Yu, at the FCC on Friday. Click here to read the in-depth Leng Pleng preview of Mehdi’s recent album.

At Leng Pleng Towers last week – while most of us were away in the province – our colleague Lili produced this short video teaser for her next big project. Although it is a little difficult to understand exactly what Lili is saying in the video, presumably due to the traditional New Year imbibing of rice wine, we can tell that something good is coming soon.

Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!


Joe Wrigley

Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday the 19th April 2018

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