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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 15th March 2018

As the hot season rages on there will be many opportunities for cocktail-fueled outdoor partying this weekend, when the anniversary of the death of a 5th Century Irish Bishop provides yet another excuse for us all to get together and bellow drunkenly at each other. It is surely only a matter of time before St. Patrick’s Day is rightfully installed as the 63rd official annual holiday of Cambodia.

Beth Patterson has been drinking in the sights and sounds of Kampot for the past couple of weeks, waiting until Paddy’s Day to make the journey to Phnom Penh and regale us with her unique and impressive talent. Normally to be found playing in the Irish bars of New Orleans, Beth is a prodigious musician, singer and songwriter. Catch her solo acoustic show tonight (Thursday) at the Lazy Gecko and, together with some familiar faces in her backing band, at Bassac Lane, Paddy Rice, Farm to Table and Hops over the next few days.

“The roads in Cambodia are in better shape than the roads in New Orleans, I’m not kidding! I have a friend who lives in mid-city and one of the potholes is so bad that his neighbour put his washing machine inside. Have you seen the TV series ‘Treme’ ? It’s so accurate, we would be glued to our TVs in New Orleans. It is pretty much like that – a music town, great bands and great venues a stone’s throw from each other.

Things about Kampot remind me of Honduras and Mexico… the people are very friendly and very intensely creative.

I’d like to get out into the Cambodian countryside more. One thing I always say about us musicians, performers: we don’t get front seats in life… but we get backstage passes.” – Beth Patterson

Click here to read the full interview with Beth Patterson

Other St Patrick’s Day highlights include the reliably awesome Kheltica at Alchemy on Saturday, combining a very large number of musicians and instruments (flutes, whistles, pianos, and sometimes bodhrans and bagpipes!) under the steadying hand of bandleader Jean-Claude Dhuez – who somehow brings all these moving parts together into a rocking, tightly-knit unit. Over at Botanico, the time-honoured marriage of great beer and great music will be ushered in by Phil O’Flaherty – an acoustic singer of quality who can also claim the distinction of being, unlike most of us celebrating St Patrick’s, an actual real-life Irishman.

Next Wednesday brings another chance to see the show-stopping Trebeka and band at Bouchon in Phnom Penh. The venue has enjoyed some great evenings of al fresco music since the live stage was moved from inside to out a few months ago. With rainy season seeming to arrive later and later in recent years, we are crossing our fingers for many more of these balmy nights before the ‘mango rains’ arrive. Trebeka is a tremendous singer, performing Latin Jazz and African tunes on Wednesday with the help of her three hep cats Antti Siitonen, Andrey Meshcheryakov and Metta Legita.

The man from Kampot Radio, Darryl ‘Corporal’ Carter, flagged an interesting article for us this week. Kerrang! magazine have run a piece on the ‘new punk uprising in Cambodia’ with reference to the Yab Moung Records bands Doch Chkae, Sliten6ix, Vartey Ganiva and Nightmare A.D. Although the article may not present any new information for longtime Kingdom of Wonder scenesters, it is irrefutably great to see these bands being covered by a heavyweight publication with the international scope of Kerrang! Thanks for that Darryl and we will see you The ‘Pot very soon.

Whatever you’re up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and… see you around the traps!


Joe Wrigley

Weekly Gig Guide - Commencing Thursday the 15th March 2018

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